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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. People experiencing homelessness have also been impacted. It is expected that many people will end up homeless due to economic pressures. Most if not all rough sleepers were offered temporary accommodation in the recent months. We are now slowly seeing a return of people coming back to the streets.
Families make up the bulk of people experiencing homelessness and unfortunately there has been a drastic increase of food bank usage which shows more families are on the brink of becoming homeless.

We believe that the public perception towards homelessness needs to change before we can end it. National Homeless Awareness Week (NHAW) is an annual occurrence coinciding with World Homeless Day. Our aim is to create a dialogue around homelessness across the UK.
This year, National Homeless Awareness Week will take place from 5th – 11th October 2020. The main aims for National Homeless Awareness Week is to raise awareness, change stereotypes, and build links between service users, services and the public.

Understanding Homelessness



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Sharon Thompson

Sharon Thompson

Cabinet Member – Homes and Neighbourhoods Birmingham City Council

Ben Rafiqi

Ben Rafiqi

Tabor House Co-Founder

Jean Templeton

Jean Templeton

St Basils CEO

Jon Kuhrt

Jon Kuhrt

MHCLG’s Rough Sleeping Advisor

Tabraz Khan

Tabraz Khan

As-Suffa Head of Support & Development

NHAW 2019

2019 marked the inaugural NHAW, which saw a team of volunteers tour the UK to raise awareness around Homelessness by engaging the public, delivering workshops and calling upon central government to make a change to end homelessness.

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I have been homeless for the last 16 years. It wasn’t a choice or something I ever imagined would happen to me. I was involved in a mountaineering accident in Mont Blanc where my brother and best friend passed away. Shortly after this, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away. This was the start of my downward spiral.

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